Blog: babyballet celebrates International Dance Day!

Did you know that every year there is an International Dance Day dedicated to all we love about dance? Recognised around the world on April 29th, International Dance Day encourages people to share in the joy and happiness that dance brings – and at babyballet we couldn’t let you or your little ones miss out! Which is why we’ve taken the opportunity to dance to our hearts’ content … pointing our good toes and clapping our hands in babyballet classes on either side of the globe. We invite you to join us in our celebrations on this special and important day.

You’re never too young to start dancing!


At babyballet, we introduce little ones to the magic of dance from as early as eighteen months old. Which may seem incredibly early, considering the fact that children this age can only just about sit up, never mind dance! And yet there is evidence to suggest that listening to music and stories from an early age provides a foundation for learning that little ones just can’t help being attracted to. And it’s really great for their overall development. At babyballet, our dance classes encourage babies, toddlers and young children to take part in our carefully constructed classes, improving on both their physical and social skills using song and dance. Our classes take place in a safe, caring, positive and informal environment, with a real focus on learning through play. Our unique babyballet syllabus is specifically structured to support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework combining the four key stages of ballet and tap classes.

babyballet across the globe!

When we say we are celebrating internationally then that’s exactly we mean! Since 2016, due to the sterling efforts of our babyballet founder, Claire O’Connor, our brand presence is well and truly established in both Australia and New Zealand. With thousands of babyballet stars now being taught every week and new babyballet territories being claimed all the time, both in the UK and internationally. Go babyballet!

An international dance syllabus for little ones


Wherever you are in the UK Australia or New Zealand, babyballet classes follow the same structure. The children in Tinies (18 months to 3 years) are encouraged to develop their movement and communication skills on their own, but still with a grown-up close by. The basics of ballet are introduced through babyballet songs, classic nursery rhymes, imaginative stories and musical instruments. As the children progress to babyballet Movers, by the age of 3, they’re sure to be hopping, skipping and jumping to the babyballet songs they know and love, independently of any adult (apart from their teacher of course!) We also offer a Groovers class for 4 to 6 year olds who have reached school age and not forgetting our ever-popular Tappers class which is available to children from the age of 3.

Whatever you do and wherever you might be in the world on Monday 29th April, we’d like to wish you all a very happy International Dance Day!

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