Twinkle and Teddy in Australia

Twinkle and Teddy at Sydney Opera House

Twinkle and Teddy in Australia

As the weather turns colder and the winter trees are laid bare in the UK, it’s no surprise that a certain magical pair have somehow found their way to the other side of the world. Yes, it’s true – your eyes do not deceive you – they really are our very own babyballet superstars, Twinkle and Teddy and they really are in Sydney, Australia! I mean, who can blame them for wanting to catch some sunshine and meet some of our little stars down under! As you can see, even the tiniest stars are up for a cuddle with Twinkle and Teddy.

babyballet® down under

Twinkle and Teddy with a babyballet star in Australia

It’s incredible to think that it was only in 2017 that Claire launched the first babyballet franchises in Australia and New Zealand. With 30 Australasian licensees up and running, multi-award winning babyballet is now being taught in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Auckland.

“All the teachers in Australia and New Zealand who have taken out a license are women who already run their own dance studio. With babyballet’s knowledge and experience we can help our licensees develop as business leaders too.” Claire O’Connor

Twinkle and Teddy are already making their own personal appearances and babyballet is really taking off down under. As you can see from this video, the two babyballet bears are having a great time already in Sydney!

Find a class or become a licensee so you can be part of the magic of babyballet!

babyballet® on the beach

There aren’t that many beaches in Halifax, where babyballet Head Office is located in the UK, so it was a real treat for Twinkle and Teddy to get to hang out on the beautiful sandy shores of Manly Beach with some of their Australian babyballet friends. It was an even bigger surprise for them when they found out who was taking the dance class that day. Yes – Flutterstar the Fairy was there to welcome them to her special class on the beach.  Surrounded by a whole host of magical babyballet stars, this was a babyballet class that Twinkle and Teddy will never forget.

Twinkle and Teddy on the beach in Australia

“At the heart of babyballet are the young children and watching them on both sides of the world enjoying the preschool dance programme is a dream come true. Twinkle and Teddy will help more babyballet stars  to dance and exercise whilst building their confidence and love of dance too.” Claire O’Connor

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