Why I love teaching the babyballet way!

I Love Teaching the babyballet Way

As a dance studio owner and teacher in QLD, I’ve been teaching now since 1996. I still teach every day and there’s no greater pleasure for me than my baby classes. They are just so cute and unpredictable. I never know what they are going to do next but they’re so very keen to learn. I’d worked with younger children for years with my ‘tiny tots’ class but I started to feel that the time might be right for a change. I am so pleased I made the decision to buy a babyballet license and now I love teaching the babyballet way.

Meeting Claire from babyballet changed everything

I attended a fantastic session on how to run a successful preschool dance programme which is where I met Claire and first discovered babyballet! Claire was so passionate and committed to her programme, I just knew it was what I’d been looking for to stimulate the physical and creative minds of younger children. I started teaching the babyballet programme in 2017 and since then my preschool attendance figures have doubled. My little ones just love all the movements and songs – especially if Twinkle and Teddy are involved!

The babyballet family means the world to me


I love being part of the babyballet family and by attending the babyballet teacher training programme, I was able to meet other teachers and make connections with other dance teachers all over the country. For me, babyballet is now a daily part of my studio and teaching life. I look forward to seeing my little babyballet stars’ smiling, excited faces every day. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious! I can’t wait to see them showing what they can do in our upcoming concert. They have all. practiced their routines so well and they can’t wait to shine on stage. My ultimate goal is to increase my babyballet student numbers even more. And I’ve definitely got my eye on Kitty the Volkswagen car!

Happy dancing everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed reading why I love teaching the babyballet way and it has inspired you to join me!

Miss Kylie, Elite Dance Academy QLD