Benefits of growing your preschool dance department

why a preschool dance department should be your focus in 2023

have you ever wondered how you can make the most of a preschool dance syllabus?

Maybe you don’t know where to start or what the benefits are of a preschool dance syllabus? Undoubtedly you know that good quality preschool dance classes attract customers, and for dance teachers with an existing older school these younger classes can increase customer retention (not to mention attract siblings from an earlier age!).

By reading this blog you will learn how! Not only will you be reminded of the emotional benefits, but we will also show you how it can bring more money into your business.

Dance school owners are ‘passion-led’ businesspeople, and all those long hours you commit are ultimately because you love to nurture and develop each child taught. Making a difference to others through dancing and teaching is exactly what makes you tick.

the emotionally fulfilling side of running a dance school

Dance teachers and business owners are no strangers to not only witnessing, but creating inspiring stories. It’s the…

* Difference made to the little 3-year-old who hid behind Mummy’s leg on day one who, in a few weeks, bounces into class to tell you what happened earlier in their day.
* 7-year-old with undeveloped fine motor skills who, in 6 months, has learned to hop, skip, and point their feet.
* Painfully shy 13-year-old who, after one term, decides they want to take part in an annual show.
* And the 16-year-old who has been dancing with you since day one, you taught them all they know, you’ve helped them through some tough times, you’ve seen them perform their hearts out in front of hundreds of people, you’ve seen them grow and develop into a beautiful dancer and a beautiful person, and now they’re heading off for full-time training to fulfil their dreams!

All four examples are just some of the reasons why we teach, because as a dance teacher you will always be an important part of their growth.

how you can financially benefit

Benefits of a preschool dance syllabus or license for dance studio owners and teachersA comprehensive preschool programme will not only promote the emotive side of running your school, but you will also see the financial benefits of having a preschool dance syllabus.

In the discovery of a long-lasting love for dance, a loyalty is forged between your school, the children and the parents alike. By witnessing the wealth dance brings their children first hand by coming to ‘mummy-and-me’ preschool classes, parents and guardians will prioritise you over other preschool activities.

They see their child grow and develop and then, come age 6, they discover a variety of other styles of dance and before you know it there is the option of starting multiple classes per week.

Let’s take a look at the spend of one pupil, and how this can affect your schools cashflow over their time at your classes. We’ve done the maths for you in this infographic.

Don’t worry, we aren’t unrealistic and know that it’s very unlikely to have a child join at 6 months and stay up to 18 without a sick day or holiday.

This information however doesn’t account for revenue made in merchandise, shows, parties and price increases so all-in-all, we like to think this model averages out.

It’s no secret that the more revenue your school generates, the more distinguished your brand becomes, leading to further trust and loyalty which is the best form of retention for any dance business. We understand that getting students through the door at preschool age is the hardest part, and this is why you should focus on the programme which you offer.

So, if you don’t have a preschool element at your school or you want to set up your own preschool dance business, you might be thinking,  ’where do I start?’

There are two ways you can start your journey and begin a preschool department. You can either develop a structure, syllabus and brand of classes yourself  OR  buy a franchise or licence from a respective licensor or franchisor, and there are many to choose from.

what are the benefits of franchising and licensing?

By buying a franchise or licence the ‘hard work’ has been done for you. You’re buying into a proven syllabus, system and training method which has worked for others around the country and in some cases, the world.

With this comes brand trust, meaning customers will not only be more inclined to go, but also be more likely to pay a higher/premium price. Another fantastic benefit is that you immediately become part of a much wider franchise family and support network with likeminded businesspeople. Dependent on the size of the network, franchises often pride themselves on being supportive and caring to help every franchisee reach their business goals and potential.

A great place to start looking is the British Franchise Association’s Franchise Directory (you’ll need to filter the sector to ‘Childcare & Education’ to see the relevant ones).

how can babyballet help?

babyballet® has been franchising and licensing for over 15 years and is proud to have both franchisees and licensees in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Running non-progressive syllabi from 6 months old up to 6 years in line with EYFS and overseen by Claire O’Connor and Barbara Peters LRAD, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

want to find out more?

As a babyballet licensee, you will be provided with all you need to start your preschool element, from an exclusive territory, equipment, both ready-made and bespoke marketing materials and comprehensive training. Take a look around our website for more information on how a babyballet license could be for you and you could soon enjoying the benefits of a preschool dance syllabus.

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