the magical world
of babyballet

Welcome to the babyballet Castle in the Sky – a magical place where Twinkle and Teddy live with their friends – Grandad Jack, Flutterstar the Fairy, Chuck the Cowboy and Kitty the Car.

Grandad Jack takes care of the babyballet bears in the Castle. He makes them yummy pink porridge in the morning and gets their pyjamas ready at bedtime.

After their morning porridge, Twinkle and Teddy are ready to go to babyballet class. Kitty The Car waits outside to pick them up, but first they need some fairy dust! Flutterstar the Fairy appears from the sky, waves her magic wand and off they fly!

Twinkle and Teddy love to sing and dance at babyballet. When class is over they curtsey and bow to say thank you to the teacher. “Wow everyone. You’ve done so well today – Teddy and I are going to give you all a special sticker and a stamp!,” says Twinkle.

Far too soon, it’s time for Twinkle and Teddy to fly back to the Castle in the Sky. With a sprinkle of fairy dust, they wave goodbye to all the children and zoom off in Kitty the Car, arriving back just in time for supper and bedtime.

Grandad Jack has made their favourite – fairy cakes and hot chocolate – delicious! After putting their pyjamas on, Twinkle and Teddy climb into bed and fall fast asleep. Seeing all the children at babyballet is such a wonderful adventure, they can’t wait to fly down to the next babyballet class in the morning!

"I have been a babyballet teacher for almost eight years, and I thoroughly love my job. Working with pre-school children is so rewarding. I have seen so many children grow in confidence, make new friends, learn new things and find a love of dance from an early age. The syllabus is structured so that every exercise stimulates the children in a different way, which is excellent!"

Miss Laura babyballet® Halifax