Benefits of owning a licensed dance program

Benefits of Dance Licenses

Dance licenses are a great way for dance studios to build their studio with a proven program. They tailor to their ambitions and lifestyles – give the security of a well-respected and trusted name behind them, provide a proven and engaging syllabus programme, and offer support and training.

Benefit from Brand Recognition

Having a well-known brand name immediately sets a dance school apart from the rest. It also means that each dance license benefits from all brand building and marketing that takes place across Australia. Dance Studios also benefit from a well-defined marketing program, that provides resources such as branded promotional images, promotional kits, and branded products.

Benefit from an Engaging Syllabus

Having a proven and well written syllabus ensures optimum enjoyment, engagement, retention and development. They can help students relate to the various dance steps faster, making them easier to learn. They can also help dance instructors with a proven, sequential method of introducing new material, enabling them to develop their own skills. Toddler and preschool syllabus can also be fantastic feeder programme for existing classes.

Benefit from Support & Training

Being a member of a dance license family gives extra support in building businesses and learning best-practice from other dance schools that have already launched their programmes. Independent studios are on their own. Dance license help dance schools to grow their business skills, to become managers and to earn more. It can provide assistance with local business management, and help answer questions you might have.

What Experience is Required?

License holders need to be business-minded, motivated and well-organised – and any dance qualification or experience would be a benefit. However, a good license will help you train to the standards required to become a teacher and teach the syllabus yourself. If you cannot teach dance, why not employ teachers to do it for you – or go into partnership with an already proven teacher.

The babyballet license network is opening up fantastic opportunities for children throughout Australia – to enjoy the magic of the babyballet Song and Dance Academy, and for the selected license holders, a chance to be right at the heart of our magical world. The award-winning babyballet Head Office team is committed to its license holders and offer a fair and ethical business opportunity, allowing licensees to provide younger years classes at their dance studio with the security of a trusted and well respected brand behind them.